Alec Ward-Gray, Visc. Towton

Head of Section M


STR 50 DEX 70 INT 80 CON 65 SIZ 55 APP 70 POW 75 EDU 90 SAN 66 Hit Points: 24 Damage Bonus: none

Skills: Bargain 60%, Climb 50%, Cthulhu Mythos 9%, Dodge 55%, Fast Talk 45%, Folklore 25%, History 50%, Library Use 45%, Occult 40%, Persuade 65%, Psychology 65%, Ride 45%, Sneak 50%

Combat Skills: Rifle 35%

Language Skills: English (Own) 90%, French 50%, German 40%, Latin 20%


Short, lithe, and very charismatic, Towton is a driven and determined man who likes to work and play hard. Generous with his time and his finances to deserving causes, he inspires confidence in those around him. He does not tolerate slackers or time-wasters, nor does he stand on ceremony, preferring to be called simply Alec by his associates, only using his title when he knows it will gain him the upper hand in negotiations.

As a teenager, Alec Towton ran away to sea to find his fortune rather than follow the career path his family had laid out for him. After many an adventure in the varied lands of His Majesty’s Empire, including time as an opal miner in the Australian Outback, Lord Towton decided to return home and set about constructing his own (business) empire from the contacts he had made. A part of him still craves excitement, making his numerous business trips somewhat legendary as he always insists on enjoying some mad-cap adventure, be it climbing a mountain, exploring ancient ruins or delving deep into dank, dark caves, whilst away.

Something happened to Lord Towton during one of these “working” adventures. He never speaks of it, but the library at his ancestral pile has certainly acquired some unusual reading material over the last couple of years, and he has formed strong links with various academics at Oxford University, of late becoming friends with a visiting lecturer on secondment from Miskatonic University, Prof. Richard Deadman.

Alec Ward-Gray, Visc. Towton

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