Dr. Dennis Parker

Head of Research


STR 55 DEX 85 INT 80 CON 50 SIZ 55 APP 60 POW 70 EDU 92 SAN 67 Hit Points: 11 Damage Bonus: 0.

Skills: Art (dancing) 20%, Chemistry 80%, Craft (devices) 85%, Cthulhu Mythos 03%, Demolitions 50%, Electrical Repair 45%, Library Use 55%, Mathematics 85%, Mechanical Repair 65%, Persuade 35%, Physics 70%, Psychology 45%, Spot Hidden 75%, Teach 35%.

Combat Skills: None.

Language Skills: English (Own) 99%, Italian 60%.


As head of research at Clemens Park, Dr. Parker maintains a largely liberal attitude to the strange goings on around him. Having worked for Towton as an industrial chemist before the war, he trusts His Lordship’s judgement, but is more than a little bemused by the strange direction in which he finds his life turning. Assisted by a gaggle of specialists as well as Lord Towton, it is his job to ensure an apparently never- ending supply of gadgets and gizmos to Section M’s field agents, something which his top-class Cambridge education has really only barely prepared him for. When not developing new toys, he helps to train the operatives in how to use them so that his months of work are not wasted by someone pressing the wrong button.

Of medium build and height, Dr. Parker’s only outstanding physical features are his large, keen eyes, which miss absolutely nothing. He is calm and methodical in his work, but capable of large, apparently disconnected, leaps of logic. He tends not to speak until he is certain he has something worthwhile to say.

Dr. Dennis Parker

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