Gisela Waltrun

Grieving widow, enigmatic contact


STR 50 DEX 65 INT 80 CON 65 SIZ 55 APP 80 POW 50 EDU 80 SAN 48 Hit Points: 6 Damage Bonus: none

Skills: Bargain 55%, Disguise 30%, Drive Automobile 20%, Espionage 70%, Fast Talk 55%, Hide 40%, Listen 55%, Perform (Cello) 25%, Persuade 65%, Psychology 60%, Sneak 50%, Spot Hidden 65%

Combat Skills: Knife 35%, Handgun 40%

Language Skills: German (Own) 80%, English 40%


Of medium height with a pale complexion and rich chestnut curls cut into the most fashionable yet practical style, Gisela is thoroughly captivating, in no small part thanks to her (carefully cultivated) charming personality and her remarkable green eyes.

Whilst she is not a Nazi sympathiser Gisela is a German nationalist from an old military family and has no doubt that her country is in the right; or, at least, she didn’t prior to this events of the last few weeks.

Her faith in the system has been shaken by Ehrlichmann’s death and, while she cannot bring herself to believe that it was sanctioned at the highest levels, she is concerned that there is something amiss within the German hierarchy. For her own peace of mind, she needs to know what is behind her fiancé’s murder but also knows that she has to achieve it without endangering either herself or her career any more than she has to.

Gisela Waltrun

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