Gotthold Fuchs

German operative in Vienna


STR 50 DEX 65 INT 75 CON 65 SIZ 90 APP 60 POW 85 EDU 70 SAN 55 Hit Points: 15 Damage Bonus: +1D4.

Skills: Anthropology 50%, Archaeology 55%, Cthulhu Mythos 10%, Espionage 35%, Geology 40%, History 60%, Library 55%, Occult 40%, Persuade 65%, Spot Hidden 65%, Use Atlantean Tech 15%.

Combat Skills: Handgun 45%, Sub-machine Gun 35%

Language Skills: German (Own) 70%, Latin 60%, Arabic 50%, Atlantean 10%.


Apart from being tall and slightly underweight, Fuchs is otherwise unremarkable. He dresses as well as he can afford to, keeps himself clean and clean shaven, and drinks and smokes only a little (although when nervous, he tends to play with his cigarette case, flipping it open and closed repeatedly).

Confident and well-spoken, he can be very charming and persuasive when he wants to be, yet he spends much of his time observing those around him, looking to spot any potential weakness that could be exploited.

Gotthold Fuchs

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