Liesel Maurer

Head of Projekt Atlantis


STR 60 DEX 60 INT 75 CON 65 SIZ 80 APP 50 POW 80 EDU 80 SAN 65 Hit Points: 28 Damage Bonus: +1D4.

Skills: Anthropology 60%, Archaeology 60%, Bargain 60%, Cthulhu Mythos 05%, Folklore 55%, Institutional Lore (Nachtwölfe) 40%, Library Use 55%, Occult 45%, Persuade 60%, Psychology 55%, Ride 25%, Spot Hidden 55%, Use Atlantean Technology 40%.

Combat Skills: Dagger 45%, Handgun 40%

Language Skills: German (Own) 80%, Icelandic 50%, English 40%, Atlantean 30%.


No-one would accuse Liesel Maurer of being a daydreamer by looking at her, yet further evidence (if it was needed) that you should never judge a book by its cover. Beneath her studious and hard-working exterior beats the heart of a romantic; one which she has kept carefully hidden away from public view since childhood.

Entirely self-taught, over the years Maurer became an expert on lost cultures and pagan mythology, carefully hiding her interests behind the façade of a dutiful daughter. Her article on Atlantis, sent to one of Germany’s many occult magazines, brought her to the attention of Mina Wolff, who invited her to a meeting clandestinely described as an interview for a secretarial job in order to deflect Herr Maurer’s potential objections.

And so Maurer found herself officially working as a “personal assistant” to one of Wolff’s lieutenants, a position she very quickly rose to enjoy for herself. Her drive and determination, coupled with her devotion to Wolff, saw her vigorously competing with her fellow Obersts of the Inner Circle for control of Projekt Atlantis. She is convinced she will succeed in her quest to recover the Palladion, one way or another.

The shadow to the light that is the petite blonde, Mina Wolff, Maurer is practically her superior’s opposite when it comes to their physical appearance. Although Liesel attempts to mimic Mina’s trademark hairstyle, scraping her thick black hair back from her face only makes her look severe (which can be useful when it comes to intimidating people). She dresses in well-tailored clothing which accentuates her considerable stature.

Liesel Maurer

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