Lt.-Cmdr. Quentin Riley

Arctic explorer and member of the Scots Guards


STR 65 DEX 65 INT 60 CON 75 SIZ 75 APP 60 POW 65 EDU 70 SAN 55 Hit Points: 30 Damage Bonus: +1D4.

Skills: Climb 45%, Dodge 45%, Drive Automobile 40%, Fieldcraft 45%, First Aid 30%, Heavy Weapons 40%. Listen 50%, Pilot (Airplane) 30%, Spot Hidden 40%, Survival 50%, Throw 45%, Track 15%.

Combat Skills: Close Combat 50%, Handgun 60%, Rifle 70%, Submachine Gun 50%

Language Skills: English (Own) 70%.


Lieutenant-Commander Quintin Theodore Petroc Molesworth Riley is only in his mid-30s but has already made something of a name for himself in Britain. A Cambridge man, he participated in three expeditions to the polar regions over the course of the past decade: the British Arctic Air Route Expedition (1931-1932); the Watkins Arctic expedition to Greenland (1933); and the British Graham Land Expedition to Antarctica, led by John Rymill (1934-1937). fitzroy2.jpg

Riley in the Arctic

Riley is also a member of the prestigious Scots Guards (5th Battalion) and enjoys contacts with members of the British intelligence service. The Guards are amongst Britain’s oldest and most prestigious regiments, having served with distinction in countless conflicts over the centuries. As such, they are the most senior and most experienced troops in the British Army, often used to spearhead attacks thanks to their fearsome reputations. When not on the battlefield, these units are tasked with ceremonial duties, such as the protection of the monarch, but in combat they are a force to be reckoned with.

Lt.-Cmdr. Quentin Riley

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