Lucien Kutay

Linguist & Egyptologist


STR 60 DEX 80 INT 75 CON 45 SIZ 70 APP 75 POW 65 EDU 90 SAN 65 Hit Points: 11 Damage Bonus: +1d4.

Skills: Archaeology 50%, Anthropology 50%, Bargain 45%, Drive Automobile 40%, Folklore 65%, History 70%, Library Use 65%, Listen 55%, Persuade 55%, Photography 40%, Rifle 45%, Shorthand and Typing 25%, Spot Hidden 55%, Survival (Desert) 25%.

Combat Skills: None.

Language Skills: French (Own) 95%, Turkish 65%, Arabic 50%, Hieroglyphics 45%, English 35%.


The son of a wealthy Turkish-Egyptian businessman and a French socialite, M. Kutay has always known the finer things in life. Born in Cairo but educated in the best French schools and universities, Kutay has a good ear for languages and a fascination with his country’s history. After a brief spell at the Louvre in Paris under Abbé Drioton, Kutay returns to Cairo to take up a position at the Antiquities Museum at Drioton’s request.

Despite his mixed ancestry, he considers himself to be Egyptian and despises British rule; his other pet hate is those who seek to steal Egypt’s archaeological treasures. He is well aware of his privileged lifestyle but refrains from displays of ostentation, preferring instead to live as comfortably but simply as possible and refusing to join his parents in their palatial residence in modern Heliopolis.

Kutay’s meticulous and exacting nature when cataloguing the Museum’s treasures is reflected in his manner of dress. He is always smart, his pale suits freshly pressed and spotless, his dark hair elegantly swept back from his handsome, thoughtful face. He does suffer from a delicate constitution, which seriously limits the amount of field work he can undertake (or, at least, he claims it does).

Lucien Kutay

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