Character Creation Quick-Reference


Step One: Determine Characteristics

Roll 3D6 multiplied by 5 for the characteristics STR, CON, DEX, APP, and POW. Roll 2D6+6 multiplied by 5 for SIZ, INT, and EDU. Before writing these results onto the sheet, decide the age of the investigator.

If you are between 20 and 39 years old, roll against your EDU—if you fail the roll, add 1D10 to your EDU. If you wish to make a character outside this age range, please consult with your Keeper for further modifiers and effects.

Step Two: Derived Attributes

Sanity Points equal the POW characteristic.

Magic Points equal one-fifth of POW.

Roll 3D6 multiplied by 5 for Luck.

Hit Points equal SIZ + CON divided by 10 (round down).

Step Three: Determine Move Rate

Both DEX and STR are each less than SIZ: MOV 7

Either STR or DEX is equal to or greater than SIZ, or if all are equal: MOV 8

Both STR and DEX are each greater than SIZ: MOV 9

If age is in the 40s: deduct 1 from MOV

If age is in the 50s: deduct 2 from MOV

If age is in the 60s: deduct 3 from MOV

If age is in the 70s: deduct 4 from MOV

If age is in the 80s: deduct 5 from MOV

Step Four: Generate Traits

Using the system outlined in Cthulhu by Gaslight, roll to generate your Character Traits.

Step Five: Decide Occupation & Allot Points to Skills

Choose an occupation and note the occupation skills and Income Level. Calculate occupation skill points using the characteristics specified by the occupation. Allot these points across the occupation skills, not forgetting to put points into Credit Rating to match your chosen income. Add points to the base chances written next to each skill on the sheet.

Step Six: Personal Interest Skills

Calculate personal interest points by multiplying INT by 2. Allot these points to any skills to round out the investigator (not forgetting fighting and  rearms skill s,if appropriate).

The number for unarmed combat is your investigator’s Fighting (Brawl) skill.

Points not allotted are lost!

Step Seven: Combat Values

Calculate your Damage Bonus by adding STR and SIZ and consulting the following chart:

STR + SIZ Damage Bonus
2—64 –2
65—84 –1
85—124 None
125—164 +1D4
165—204 +1D6
205—284 +2D6
285—364 +3D6
365—444 +4D6
445—524 +5D6

Step Eight: Additional Background

Give your investigator a name (if you haven’t already) and write in his or her age, sex, occupation, current residence, and where they grew-up. You may use the Random Background tables from pp. 52-56 of the 7th Edition Investigator Handbook for inspiration.

Step Nine: Gear & Equipment

Write down any important items, weapons, or equipment your investigator possesses. Consider useful items that would normally go with your investigator’s occupation. Speak to the Keeper if you are unsure.

Character Creation Quick-Reference

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