Group Frameworks


The campaign kicks off in the summer of 1939, before the opening of hostilities in Europe. The storm clouds of war have gathered and wait, dark and looming, ready to unleash their fury—only the most foolishly optimistic delude themselves into thinking that war is anything but an inevitability.

Our own personal flashpoint will be a castle in the German-occupied former-Czechoslovakia (now divided into the puppet states of Bohemia and Moravia), not far from the ancient city of Prague. The terrors held within that castle will set in motion the events of the campaign.

I leave it up to you, the players to decide among yourselves the background of the team that will venture the castle and uncover its sinister secrets. This choice will shape the remainder of the campaign’s tenor and adventures.

You may draw your characters from one or more of the following backgrounds. Mixing and matching is certainly possible. For example, some PCs might be intelligence operatives parachuting in and meeting up with Czech resistance fighters (other PCs), who have a contact with a professor at the University (another PC)…

  • Commandos: You are chiefly drawn from the ranks of British and American intelligence. You are to be parachuted in over the hills of Bohemia and thence find your way to Castle Karlstein. If you are caught, your governments will deny all knowledge of your existence. Your ranks may also include Czech exiles, German-Jewish intellectuals or degenerate spiritualists who fled Hitler’s rise to power, and other such displaced persons with a bone to pick with the Germans and a ready skill-set.
  • Spies and Thieves: You are a rag-tag mix of Czech resistance fighters and deep-cover spies—either British or Soviet, or perhaps both! You have heard rumors of dire goings-on in Castle Karlstein, and are determined to find out more details about the foul details that lurk there.
  • Ivory Tower Intellectuals: You are professors from one of the two rival Universities of Prague (most likely the Czech-speaking side) and/or visiting lecturers and specialists on tour or research sabbatical. You have heard rumors of a “Book of Shadows” going missing at Castle Karlstein, and are interested in finding out more details from the strange German doctor who, reportedly, has been conducting eugenics research at the castle.

Group Frameworks

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