Player Absences


Some notes on the procedure that will be followed regarding player absences:

This is our first proper “campaign” since wrapping up Pendragon and it is a return to a more traditional framework.

With Pendragon, for the most part each session was self-contained, hitting the Reset button every week. As such, player absences could be easily accounted for. No longer! Now it’s much more likely that, session to session, the characters will be involved in an ongoing narrative, with sessions starting in media res.

This presents a potential difficulty in terms of handling characters whose players are unable to attend a given session in such situations. Since it’s been so long since we’ve had to deal with these sorts of concerns, I want to explicate how I’ll handle player absences:

  • In some situations, it will be possible to have a character go off on a side tangent, taking them away from the main action. In such cases, the character will not be present in the scenario’s action, and I will work out what happened to the character afterwards.
  • In all other situations, I will run the character as an NPC. They will be on hand to lend their skill expertise as appropriate, but will make no proactive decisions. In combat situations, they will fight cautiously and tend to draw fire last.
  • Under no circumstance will the character die or go indefinitely insane unless and until all other player-characters present that day also die or go indefinitely insane.

So being absent grants your character a certain level of immunity.

However, the Keeper reserves the right to do anything and everything to the absent character short of death or indefinite insanity. This may include temporary insanity and sanity loss, loss of hit points, physical maiming, kidnapping or capture, torture, loss of status or prestige, demotion, etc., etc.

In essence, missing a session is analogous to a bout of madness in Pendragon. The fate of your character, short of permanent incapacitation, is in the Keeper’s hands, and your character sheet may end up with significant additions, subtractions, or modifications at the end of the day.

Character Sheets

Because of the very real possibility that the Keeper will have to run your character as an NPC from time to time, it is very important that there is access to current stats on hand on any given game day.

With this in mind, I’d ask that you either (a) keep your character stats up-to-date on this here Obsidian Portal, or (b) leave your character sheets with me in between sessions.

Player Absences

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