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Armstrong Whitworth Whitley


The Armstrong Whitworth AW38 Whitley is one of the three twin-engine medium bombers in service with the British Royal Air Force (the RAF). It’s used for maritime reconnaissance, training, towing gliders, and also transporting troops.

Because of design constraints, the Whitley flies with a distinct “nose-down” attitude, and experiences considerable drag. It has a powered nose turret and also a retractable hydraulic ventral turret with two machine guns (which also adds to the drag when deployed). It has a full crew of five. It’s specifically designed for use as a night bomber, although of course its mission to the former Czechoslovakia is to drop an entirely different payload!

Sd.Kfz 7


The Sd. Kfz. 7 ( Sonderkraftfahrzeug 7) is an early half-track used by the German army all through World War II. In 1939 they’re still quite new, and are particularly useful in off-road patrols. The half-tracks in use around Castle Karlstein are all open-top models, and can carry up to 12 troopers. They have a top speed of around 30 mph, and 5/16” (8mm) armour.


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