Helga Hausmann

MI6 Deep-cover Operative


STR 35 DEX 20 INT 50 CON 55 SIZ 80 APP 35 POW 70 EDU 80 SAN 70 Hit Points: 13 Damage Bonus: 0

Skills: Anthropology 5%, Bargain 25%, Conceal 30%, Cryptography 15%, Disguise 40%, Espionage 70%, Fast Talk 50%, Forgery 20%, Hide 25%, Photo-interpretation 25%, Spot Hidden 70%

Combat Skills: Handgun 75%

Language Skills: German (Own) 80%, English 33%, Czech 50%


Helga’s Secret

Helga’s mother survived hard times in the first World War by passing for a man. She collected a “kit” that she utilized: man’s driving cap, fake mustache, and an enormous pair of thick-rimmed eyeglasses, to hide any feminine features in her face. As a taller and generally larger-than-average woman, this kit and a pair of pants were her ticket into gaming halls where deals were made among men.

Helga, almost as intimidating as her mother, received this kit, and her secrets…

Helga Hausmann

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