Maj. Aloysius Blythe-Manders

Retired Army Engineer


STR 55 DEX 45 INT 80 CON 55 SIZ 85 APP 65 POW 65 EDU 90 SAN 65 Hit Points: 14 Damage Bonus: +1d4.

Skills: Archaeology 50%, Bargain 65%, Combat Engineer 55%, Command 65%, Demolitions 55%, Drive Automobile 40%, Fieldcraft 45%, History (Egypt) 70%, Mechanical Repair 45%, Psychology 60%, Riding 60%, Tactics 35%.

Combat Skills: Handgun 50%, Rifle 45%.

Language Skills: English (Own) 95%, Arabic 60%, French 40%..


Rather portly, slightly florid, and just a touch vain, the old Major’s uniform may still hang in his wardrobe, but these days he prefers to dress in well-tailored, comfortable linen suits and has a fine selection of silk cravats and matching handkerchiefs. His shoes also betray his military training and, despite the dusty environment, they are always buffed to an impressive shine.

The Major has lived in Egypt for a very long time, having first been seconded to the Egyptian Army as an engineer a decade before the Great War began. His job, which came to include consulting on a variety of civilian as well as military engineering projects, took him the length and breadth of the Nile and permitted him to indulge his passion for trinkets, knick-knacks, and beautiful things.

Such was the Major’s reputation for acquisition in those days that local hawkers, con-men, and reputable traders would seek him out wherever he was working in order to bring him their “finest” wares. Thanks to his keen eye and no-nonsense attitude, the less honest among them soon stopped trying to sell him faked objects and he succeeded in building a stunning collection, the envy of many museums and professional antiquarians.

Although he retired from the army and public life many years ago, he is still generous with his time and energies when it comes to conserving Egyptian heritage, both ancient and considerably more modern. He even manages to convince his friends in the Egyptian Government not to demolish a beautiful old residence in the Saiyida Zeinab district and dedicates his retirement to refurbishing the property in a traditional manner and using it to house his “trinkets”, as he likes to call them.

The Major likes to keep abreast of current developments in the world at large and has many friends among both the British and the local populations. He enjoys an occasional gin and a good polo match, but otherwise lives very simply and delights in sharing his knowledge with those who come to visit. A benevolent man, he is no fool and does not take kindly to those who attempt to use him (or others) for their own selfish ends.

Maj. Aloysius Blythe-Manders

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