Micheline Descoteaux

Administration Assistant


STR 45 DEX 75 INT 65 CON 70 SIZ 55 APP 80 POW 85 EDU 75 SAN 85 Hit Points: 25 Damage Bonus: 0.

Skills: Anthropology 30%, Art (Sketching) 35%, Bargain 55%, Folklore 40%, History 55%, Institutional Lore 50%, Library Use 35%, Listen 50%, Persuade 45%, Psychology 65%, Shorthand and Typing 60%, Spot Hidden 65%.

Combat Skills: None.

Language Skills: French (Own) 95%, Arabic 40%, English 25%, Hieroglyphics 15%.


The apple of her late father’s eye, Mlle. Descoteaux has worked hard to secure her position at the Antiquities Museum. Not a naturally gifted scholar, she is, though, a hard worker; coupled with years of experience working in her parents’ antiquities business in the Old City and with M. Kutay and the Abbé’s tutelage, Micheline is progressing well in her studies and hopes to take on her own, albeit small, department relatively soon.

Recently orphaned and a young woman alone in Cairo, she relies very much on her colleagues for moral support and guidance, although she tries to let nothing dampen her naturally cheery disposition. Money is tight for Mlle. Descoteaux as she does not have the time to run the family business and carry out her work at the museum. She still lives behind the shop, but has almost run out of things to sell. She is, however, too proud to ask for help in such matters (particularly as she is well aware of M. Kutay’s financial situation).

Blonde and bronzed by the ever-present sun, Micheline cannot afford to be stylish but she does her utmost to maintain her appearance, in part because she knows that, sadly, her looks will be just as important in ensuring her future career as her brains. Anyone paying attention will notice that her clothing has been carefully repaired several times and that the soles of her shoes are almost worn through.

Micheline Descoteaux

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